You’re finding me on my summer adventure in San Diego, California. I came back after two amazing visits in 2023, so needless to say this city has something special for me. Let’s cut to the chase and answer the first question you’re probably thinking: I don’t know if I am moving here! I am basically working in 3-month intervals with my living situation, and it’s been serving me to work within that window of time. Beyond August, I don’t know. (Does this make you anxious just reading that??!) Well, don’t be. I have learned over the last year to be less attached to my living arrangements and more focused on enjoying the time I have in front of me, wherever I am, for however long I am there.

Easier said than done, I know. I haven’t always been this relaxed and in the flow about my relocation journey. If you’d asked me in April 2023 how long it would take to find a new place to live, I would have said 3-6 months. Joke’s on me! But letting go of expectations and outcomes has allowed me to see some amazing places on this planet purely for the sake of it. Sure, I wonder whether it’s a viable candidate for me to move to, but I’m much more practiced now at allowing that question to float out there without a definite answer.

Someone asked me once if I worry that I won’t find a place I really want to live. Or better yet, isn’t the itch to settle down too unbearable? Look, I’ve said this before. I am human; I miss my things; I miss having one address. (I can’t tell you how many times I’ve changed my residential address over the last year!)

But, the flip side of all this is my ability to experience living in many places. Try it on. Just like I tell my style clients, you can’t know how it looks unless you try it on. And sometimes that means more than once!

San Diego is an easy fit in many ways. I get why people live here. It’s also about 3,000 miles away from the life I’ve built for the last 23 years. Does that mean it’s wrong? Not at all. I just means that I don’t know yet. I also know logistics are just that- logistics. Getting things from A to B is part of the process. Yet more importantly than logistics, expenses, or viable business contacts, I believe my time in San Diego has to do with creating a different momentum for my life. Normally momentum means things are gearing UP, and yes, in some ways that’s very true. I can’t wait to see how my business up-levels by September because of the work I am doing now! But, San Diego lets me slow the f*ck down. It’s in the air here. People move at a less frenetic pace. Traffic is almost easy compared to the east coast. And quite simply, I need more of that right now. Be slow. See what arises.

So for now, I’m slowing down. I’m soaking up San Diego vibes. I am walking to get my groceries. I am going to bed at 9:00pm (because I can). I am praying. I am meditating. I am journaling. I am hanging out with Spirit, my guides (especially my dad), and angels, who are always working on my behalf. It may not be what you’d choose. That’s ok. I’m not living for you (spoiler alert!); I am living for me.

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