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From small church groups to convention keynotes, Maria’s humor and sincerity will engage and invigorate your audience. Her unique mix of style, psychology, and spiritual topics are thought-provoking and impactful.

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Maria DiLorenzo of MFD Style on the 5 Things You Need to Be a Highly Effective Public Speaker

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Seminar, Event, and Workshop Ideas

Wardrobe Re-Entry

Audience: Corporate; 1 hour

Summary: In this hour-long workshop, Maria provides key wardrobe strategies for professionals to consider as they navigate dressing for both virtual and on-site workplaces. Her strategies expand beyond what are considered typical masculine or feminine corporate attire and incorporate gender fluid styles and looks that are both individualized and appropriate for the environment. Maria customizes her recommendations based on the wardrobe culture of the organization, and can discuss (with HR or key personnel) what requirements (if any) should be communicated to the employees so she can adapt strategies to reflect the organization’s expectations. 

Mastering the Art of Self-Presentation

Audience: Corporate/new professional; 1 hour  

Summary: First impressions might be everything, especially when you are new to the organization. Identifying and utilizing a signature style is really the key to success. In this one-hour interactive workshop, Maria methodically unpacks the secrets to signature style and mastering the art of self-presentation. 

Building Self-Love Through Style 

Audience: Church/religious organization, Women’s Conference; 2-3 hours 

Summary: You would be surprised what these two things have in common! With her background in pastoral ministry, Maria unpacks the ways that spirituality and style intersect, allowing a deeper appreciation for the messages wardrobe choices send. This fun, interactive workshop will take attendees through unique and practical strategies that help build a self-love muscle by way of style.

We have to believe that who we are and what we have to say is worthy… the true power of an effective public speaker comes from within. Speak your message with that belief in self, and watch the magic happen.

-From 5 Things You Need To Be a Highly Effective Public Speaker

The Messages of Color 

Audience: Small groups/workshop; 2 hours 

Summary: Did you know that each color has its own frequency vibration that corresponds to a particular chakra (or energy center) in your body? Selecting the right color allows you to harness its frequency vibration to help you create an intentional mood or feeling in your body. In this two-hour workshop, Maria teaches how to leverage specific color choices for your wardrobe as a powerful tool for effective communication and building confidence. 

Wear What You Mean to Say

Audience: Conference keynote; 45 min- 1 hour

Summary: We make choices every day to put clothes on our bodies. And with those choices, we are communicating messages to others before we ever even open our mouths! Have you considered what your wardrobe choices say about you? Are the messages in sync with your authentic self? Maria takes audience members through a unique journey of personal storytelling and strategic advice to help you leverage your wardrobe choices to SAY what you mean to say.

Tailored For Your Group

Audience: Yours!

Summary: Do you have a special group who would benefit from hearing Maria speak but doesn't fit into a specific format or topic? Maria can customize a program just for you. 

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