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As a wardrobe consultant and personal stylist for over 15 years, I educate and guide those who seek to make a stronger connection between their self-presentation and self-love. I fervently believe how we dress says something deeper about how we feel about our own value and self-worth. To me, there is a profound intersection between style, psychology, and spirituality. 

With my intuitive styling approach, I have helped hundreds transform into the best version of themselves by leveraging their wardrobe to reflect these key insights. With a focus on sustainable fashion practices, my expertise is in re-imagining wardrobes to help you maximize what you already own by creating new combinations and alternative functions for those items.

A Dallas, TX native based in Boston, MA, I have wardrobe and styling experience with large-scale retailers like Anthropologie and Nordstrom, as well as small women’s home and apparel boutiques. I hold a B.A. in psychology from Loyola University, New Orleans and a M.A. in pastoral ministry from Boston College. I have a passion for being of service to those who are ready to experience joy, fun, and creativity together!

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