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NEW? Book a FREE 30-minute Consultation Call

New clients start here! I want to get to know you, your lifestyle, and your wardrobe woes. This is the part where we will get clear on who you are and identify the best service for your wardrobe needs. I listen to your challenges and hopes, make my recommendation for service, and how I can help you work toward your goals. Free!

Getting Started 

After your free consultation call, I might suggest one of these core services to get you started. These typically are an easy way to begin working with me as a stylist. We will schedule a session, which typically lasts 1 to 2 hours, at a time mutually benefical for us. 

Typically after one of these core services, most clients are ready for more in-depth signature services, which are listed in the next section.  All services begin at $150/hour.

Maria styles a client

What Size Am I? 

Often we are not realistic about the size of clothing we should wear for the best fit. And to make it more challenging, most retailers are not consistent in their sizing! I will guide you on how to measure your body for whatever piece of clothing (including undergarments) you need, as well as tips for shopping with garment measurements. Service may be conducted virtually or in-person. 

Maria helps a client organize her closet

Travel Packing Assistance 

Need help pulling together a mini-capsule wardrobe for an upcoming trip (business or pleasure)? Suggestions for how to style or wear new or existing pieces while you’re away? Best practices for how to pack your garments with care? Use this session for your greatest benefit and maximize the opportunity to receive my professional advice.

Maria and client discuss dress length

Wardrobe Refresh (Virtual)

Maybe you have a few specific items to shop for and no time to do it! This service includes my online research (for no more than 3 types of items) and sending web links to items that can be shipped directly to you. We then will follow up with a Zoom call to allow me to assess and style any purchases you have made.

Looking For Something More In-Depth?

My signature services typically take between 2 to 10 hours, after which you will walk away with a renewed sense of confidence and style.  All services begin at $150/hour.

Maria discusses blouse details with a client

Video Conference Style Session (Virtual)

As we conduct business in a virtual environment, it becomes increasingly more important to convey confidence, command, and poise via our video conferencing platforms. In this session, I build you a mini-capsule wardrobe that highlights your face and upper half (i.e., what your audience sees on those computer or tablet screens). This service utilizes your existing wardrobe as we discuss the components of the capsule, and I include tips about wearing specific colors and accessing the best lighting to accentuate you.

Maria and client choose sweaters

Closet Review (In Person or Virtual)

In Person: My Core Service! I come to your home (travel within 50 miles of Boston) and review your wardrobe. I also offer suggestions for how to best organize a closet for maximum efficiency. You will gain a better understanding of how to work with what you have and how your current pieces can be combined in different ways. I make recommendations for which items to keep, which to consign/donate, or how existing items might be tailored. 

This service also includes the option to purchase any of the new organizing products utilized during the appointment plus a 10% service fee.

Via Zoom: For those who prefer a virtual experience, I will do a piece-by-piece review of your wardrobe for the current season. You will gain a better understanding of how your current pieces can be combined in different ways. I will make recommendations for which items to keep, which to consign/donate, or how existing items might be tailored.

Finding the perfect work outfit

Curated Wardrobe Session
(In Person or Virtual)

A closet review is a helpful precursor to this service, as it helps to identify the items needed to complete your signature style and wardrobe.

In Person: This one-on-one shopping session is customized to suit your individual needs, style, and budget. Prior to the shopping trip, we will identify key pieces to purchase within your budget. I will research those specific pieces and hand select the stores/locations in advance so we can maximize the shopping experience. I will recommend shopping together at a specific location for the best selection. Styling tips are shared throughout the process so you learn how to purchase items for your body measurements, mix and match pieces, and put together a variety of looks. This service can also be directed for attire to wear at special events.

Virtual: You will receive a personalized virtual closet complete with items reflecting your current wardrobe and a curated collection of select items to purchase, along with sizing and color recommendations. This service often includes the use of shared Pinterest boards and select images for style inspiration.

Additional Time

Need more time during an appointment? You can schedule additional time with me as my schedule permits. Additional time is purchased in 30-minute increments for $75.

Sunday rates: For any in person appointments scheduled on a Sunday, hourly rates increase by 10%.


Save by bundling the most popular services!

New Client Special

$1600 (valued at $1800)

  • Closet Review
  • Create a Shopping Gap List
  • One Curated Shopping Trip
  • Styling Appointment

All new clients start with a consultation call.
Schedule It Now!

The Regular

$2200 (valued at $2400)

  • Closet Review
  • Two Curated Wardrobe Trips

The Seasonal

$2200 (valued at $2400)

  • Four Curated Wardrobe Trips (seasonal)

The New You

$4000 (valued at $4200)

  • What Size Am I?
  • Closet Review
  • Four Curated Wardrobe Trips (seasonal)

Gift Vouchers

Give the gift of style and confidence!

This is the perfect gift for someone who would not think to buy it for themselves.  A voucher is secured with a minimum $150 deposit (equivalent to one hour of service). You receive a PDF gift voucher to present to your recipient, and I will coordinate scheduling the service(s) with the new client. Virtual gift sessions are also available. All vouchers are good for one calendar year from the date of purchase. Please contact me for more information.

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Contact me to get started with any package or service.


What Clients Say

Take that money you are about to waste on new clothes and get Maria to help you shop your closet first! The time I spent with Maria left me feeling energized and confident – the complete opposite of how I often feel when I shop. Treat yourself – you deserve it!

The time I spent working with Maria on my wardrobe taught me more about how to dress my body and personality than all my decades of shopping alone had. Pieces that I would never have picked off the rack on my own have now become wardrobe staples!

Let [Maria] into your closet and open yourself up to her. If you do, she will work magic!

Maria understands how to work with what you love, to help you develop confidence in your own personal style – I’d refer her in a heartbeat to anyone looking for a great stylist!

Treat Yourself to Style

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