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A benefit for the human and the organization

Why Offer Styling as a Corporate Benefit?

Authenticity. A corporate styling benefit is about more than clothes; it is about authenticity. Dressing authentically allows us to show up more authentically – and confidently – in all areas of our lives, especially work.

Individuality. Corporate styling benefits also celebrate the human at a time when employees are increasingly looking to bring their full selves to the workplace. When employees are seen and celebrated as humans, not just colleagues, they more effectively engage in and advance their organization’s mission.

Engagement & Retention. Now more than ever, organizations need new and surprising ways to engage their people. MFD Style’s corporate and group services meet the needs of the human, not just the employee. This is the secret sauce to retaining and growing top talent.

Clothing is an outward expression of the inner self

What Do Corporate Styling Services Look Like?

With deep experience in human resources and counseling, MFD Style and its founder, Maria, provide for-profit and non-profit organizations with customizable style benefits to offer to their teams. Each corporate package is designed based on the organization’s needs and their demographics; in this way, no two services are alike. To learn how styling benefits can build psychological safety and benefit your people, reach out!

Maria in floral dress

Wardrobe Re-Entry

Audience: Corporate; 1 hour

Summary: In this hour-long workshop, Maria provides key wardrobe strategies for professionals to consider as they navigate dressing for both virtual and on-site workplaces. Her strategies expand beyond what are considered typical masculine or feminine corporate attire and incorporate gender fluid styles and looks that are both individualized and appropriate for the environment. Maria customizes her recommendations based on the wardrobe culture of the organization, and can discuss (with HR or key personnel) what requirements (if any) should be communicated to the employees so she can adapt strategies to reflect the organization’s expectations. 

Mastering the Art of Self-Presentation

Audience: Corporate/new professional; 1 hour  

Summary: First impressions might be everything, especially when you are new to the organization. Identifying and utilizing a signature style is really the key to success. In this one-hour interactive workshop, Maria methodically unpacks the secrets to signature style and mastering the art of self-presentation. 

Dressing isn’t just a superficial thing; it’s a way of expressing your individual spirit and enhancing your emotional well-being.

-Kendra, Client

Tailored For Your Group

Audience: Yours!

Summary: Do you have a special group who would benefit from hearing Maria speak but doesn't fit into a specific format or topic? Maria can customize a program just for you. 

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