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Wardrobe Organization

Velvet Top/Bottom Hangers

The first step in closet organization is always hangers! These create visual uniformity as you maximize space with this slim option to hang tops or pants.

Velvet Pant/Skirt Hangers

This is a great option for hanging skirts or pants. I also like to link the top hangers (by the hook) to these to keep an outfit together for planning purposes. 

Velvet Top Hangers

I use these to hang tops or dresses that are either sleeveless or have thinner straps.

Shelf Dividers

These dividers are so handy to keep stacks of clothing or handbags upright on a shelf. They are easy to move and adjust as needed.

Bamboo Clothing Rack

This slim profile bamboo rack on wheels is perfect to curate a weekly wardrobe or capsule for travel. I love the shelf features and hooks on the side to hang handbags.

Foldable Storage Bins

These are so useful for upper shelves in your closet, bathroom, or linen closet. The stylish pull handles are an added bonus. 

Closet Shelf

If you have space inside your closet, this is handy for shoes and folded clothing. It is also perfect for a corner in your bedroom or by the front door.

Classic Packing Cubes

I no longer travel without this 3 piece set! I use the medium size the most, but the varied sized 3-piece set is also good. I have another set to quickly grab my bathing suits and coverups. 

Clear Storage Containers

These clear flip-top containers can hold shoes, belts, scarves, cold-weather accessories- or anything that needs corralling. So handy.

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